Reactome IDG Portal: Pathway-Based Analysis and Visualization of Understudied Human Proteins

Guanming Wu, Ph.D.
Guanming Wu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics
Clinical Epidemiology School of Medicine
Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program School of Medicine
Oregon Health & Science University

Lincoln C. Stein, Ph.D.
Adaptive Oncology
Institute for Cancer Research

Peter G. D’Eustachio, Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Professor, Department of Medicine
New York University Langone Health


Lab websites: Reactome: @reactome


Collaborative work by Dr. Guanming Wu, Dr. Lincoln Stein, and Dr. Peter D’Eustachio focuses on utilizing the REACTOME knowledgebase, a biological pathway database, for illuminating interactions of IDG proteins with other proteins and biological entities. The aim is to develop a special Reactome IDG pathway portal allowing for evaluation of these understudied proteins via their localization, potential interactions, and developing testable predictions.

NIH grant number: 1U01 CA239069