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  • 2023-02-07: e-IDG Symposium Series Spring 2023:
    Six sessions of presentations on illuminating understudied targets were hosted by IDG during Spring 2023 as part of their e-IDG Symposium Series.|Read More|
  • 2022-09-20: e-IDG Symposium Series Fall 2022:
    IDG hosted another series of e-IDG Symposia during Fall 2022 with five session highlighting new developments on illuminating these understudied targets.|Read More|
  • 2021-11-30: IDG Digital Tool Fest 2021:
    IDG is hosting the first IDG DIGITAL TOOL FEST on Tuesday, November 30th with an exciting line-up of 10-minute demonstrations. The presented tools were developed within the IDG consortium covering mechanisms for exploring Drugs and their gene Targets within the context of information extracted from text-mining, expression data, and signaling pathways. The tools offer users the ability to construct their own specialized queries to access information programmatically. Register here: |Read More|
  • 2021-08-10: FASEB Science Research Conference:
    Dr. Lily Jan, UCSF, and Dr. Bryan Roth, UNC, are organizing “The Understudied Druggable Proteome Conference” as part of the FASEB series (#UCP21). This conference is focused on exploring the understudied druggable proteome and will bring together pharmacologists, chemical biologists, biochemists, physiologists, and system biologists. The keynote lecture will be given by Dr. Ardem Patapoutian, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Scripps Research Insistute. This virtual conference will take place August 10-12, 2021.
    |Read More|
  • 2021-03-16: The inaugural session of the IDG e-Symposium Series will take place on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021. It showcase two talks on the theme of Informatics platforms and Drug Discovery. Invited speaker: Dr. Ian Dunham, Director of Open Targets at EMBL-EBI, "Identifying and prioritising drug targets with the Open Targets Platform and Open Targets Genetics". IDG speaker: Dr. Tudor Oprea, PI for KMC and RDOC, "Illuminating the Druggable Genome: Drugs, Targets, Phenotypes and Diseases". Register here: |Read More|
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