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Dec. IDG News

Coming Fall 2019: IDG Open Innovation Meeting in UK

Coming Fall 2019: IDG Open Innovation Meeting in UK

2018-12-10: PLOS Biology Commentary

2018-11-15: Deadline for Round 1 of IDG-DREAM Drug Kinase Binding Prediction Challenge!Synapse:syn15667962/wiki/583305

2018-11-07: Dr. Bryan Roth gave the Presidential Special Lecture entitled "From Salvia Divinorum to LSD: Toward a Molecular Understanding of Psychoactive Drug Actions" at the annual meeting for Society for Neurosciences in San Diego, CA on Nov 7 2018 -"link to information site

2018-10-16: BIOINFORMATICS BOOTCAMP: INFORMATICS IN DISEASE BIOLOGY AND DRUG DISCOVERY, Tuesday, October 16 - 4:30-6:30pm. Hands-on worskhop to access, visualize and analyse IDG-specific data -- requires additional registration fee and there will be a limited number of attendees (NAVBO2018) Newport, RI - link to information site

2018-10-01: Launch of IDG-DREAM Drug Kinase Binding Prediction Challenge (!Synapse:syn15667962/wiki/583305), with press release from FIMM (

2018-08-23: IDG Outreach meeting with BAGIM (Boston Area Group for Informatics and Modeling) at Harvard University, covering presentation from IDG members.

2018-08-22: Symposium entitled “Move Away from the Lamppost & Find Druggable Targets” at ACS Fall 2018 National Meeting in Boston, MA, organized by Tudor Oprea and Rajarshi Guha

2018-02-03: Dr. Rajarshi Guha, (KMC-NCATS), presented as an 2018 SLAS finalist with a talk entitled "Pharos – A Torch to Use in Your Journey In the Dark Genome" at 2018 Annual SLAS meeting in San Diego, CA Feb 3-7, 2018. - link to information site