Knowledge Management Center for Illuminating the Druggable Genome

Lars Juhl Jensen, Ph.D.
Cellular Network Biology
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Center for Protein Research
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Lars Juhl Jensen: @larsjuhljensen
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Work by Dr. Lars Juhl Jensen has resulted in improved text-mining technology that is applied to scientific literature for scoring how well studied each target protein may be and to support target prioritization. This text-mining platform also helps provide tissue and disease associations for the targets. Current Post-Doctoral fellow Dr. Alexander Junge contribute to this work.

Image depicts tissue expression data extracted by Jensen’s lab via text mining for GPCR, Substance-P receptor (, with the intensity of green displaying the confidence of supporting data for tissue expression.

NIH grant number: 1U24 CA224370-01

KMC-CPR publications:

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