Illuminating Function of the Understudied Druggable Kinome

Gary L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Kenan Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmacology
School of Medicine
School of Medicine
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science:


Dr. Gary L. Johnson has established a network of collaborators; Dr. Shawn Gomez (UNC), Dr. Ben Major (UNC), Dr. Tim Willson (SGC), Dr. Reid Townsend (WU), and Dr. Peter Sorger (HMS), to tackle the illumination of function of the understudied druggable kinome. Their work includes technologies of Multiplex Inhibitor Beads (MIB) / Mass Spectrometry (MS) to identify kinase activation status in response to perturbants, and applied to model cell lines and Patient Derived xenographs. These information along with collection of other data will be incorporated in the building of a Dark Kinase Knowledgebase (DKK) that provides gene-by-gene and network-level information on the dark kinome and its interaction with other signal transduction and regulatory networks.

NIH grant number:  1U24DK116204-01

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Additional collaborators:

  • Shawn Gomez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Department of Biomedical Engineering
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science

  • Ben Major, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Department of Cell Biology & Physiology
Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science

  • Tim Willson, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist at Structural Genomics Consortium
Research Professor at Eshelman School of Pharmacy
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Reid Townsend, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine
Director, Mass Spectrometry Resource
Washington University in St. Louis

  • Peter Sorger, Ph.D

Otto Krayer Professor
Systems Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School

DRGC-Kinase Publications:

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