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e-IDG Symposium

Fall 2021

Illuminating the Druggable Genome (IDG), a NIH Common Fund sponsored consortium, is staring up the next round of their e-IDG Symposium series for the Fall of 2021. We encourage all to join the five 1-hour sessions to learn about exciting new developments from IDG’s research resulting in new experimental resources and digital tools illuminating the understudied targets in three main druggable protein families: GPCR, kinase and ion channels... and beyond. These e-IDG sessions will be hosted on Zoom Webinar platform and will feature two speakers giving 20 minute talks on a theme and allowing for some “mingling” and Live Q&A. Examples of themes are; Kinase, GPCR, Ion Channel, Informatic databases and tools, Machine Learning, Novel Technologies, Proteomics, Bio-Assays, Mouse resources, Compound screening. Advertisement and announcements of IDG e-Symposium Series will be made via IDG social media outlets, Newsletter, and website. The symposium sessions will be recorded and posted on IDG YouTube Channel and

Fall 2021 – September, October, November
Day: Odd-week Thursdays (September 16; October 7, 21; November 4, 18) - 5 total
Time: 9-10 AM PT /10-11 AM MT / 12-1 PM ET / 17-18 UK

  • Sept. 16 – Kinase
  • Oct. 7 – GPCR
  • Oct. 21 – Informatics tools
  • Nov. 4 – Kinases
  • Nov. 18 – Ion Channels

Date: September 16, 2021
Theme: Kinases
Speaker: Dr. Susan Taylor, PhD (UCSD) "Introduction to PKA Cb"
Speaker: Dr. Jinae Roa, PhD (UCSD) "Retina: Window into PKA signaling in Neurons"
Speaker: Dr. Stephan Schürer, PhD (UofMiami) "The Dark Cancer Kinome: Untapped Opportunities to Target Understudied Kinases in Cancer"
Tags: #idg #drugdiscovery #drugrepurposing #rarediseases #druggability #AI #machinelearning
Registration: click this link